Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Guide

What Is PAYG Mobile Broadband?

Pay As You Go or PAYG mobile broadband is a relatively new addition to the number of broadband services that are currently available in the UK. Since its arrival many broadband users have opted for PAYG mobile broadband as a back up for if their regular broadband providers experiences any temporary issues.

Pay As You Go broadband is also a great addition for users who have a home broadband connection but would like the flexibility and convenience of being able to access the internet whilst on the move, perhaps when travelling or just on the commute to work.

PAYG mobile broadband works in a similar fashion to the popular PAYG mobile phone services, users simply choose their broadband supplier that offers the best PAYG mobile broadband deal, and then purchase a PAYG mobile broadband dongle in order to access their service.

With a Pay As You Go mobile broadband service, users set up their billing system a month in advance. When the prepaid limit has been reached users can then 'top-up' their account to allow more time for downloading and surfing the internet.

Thanks to the flexibility of PAYG broadband, service providers are able to offer regular broadband deals and discounts on the dongles. Because there isn't a requirement for a rolling month-to-month contract, consumers are free to hop from one provider to another until they find the best service for them. It's definitely worth keeping an eye out for the latest deals.

PAYG Mobile Broadband Deals

There are no fixed monthly bills or use limits with PAYG mobile broadband, you simply only top-up your account when needed and more importantly only pay for what you use.

The main difference between PAYG mobile broadband and other popular mobile broadband services is that with PAYG there are no contract commitments. PAYG mobile broadband simply charges you for how long you are using the service (surfing, downloading, or checking email). If you're not a frequent internet user, than a PAYG service is gonna be the cheapest mobile broadband option for you. With PAYG broadband, you only pay for times used onlinewithout the worry of reccuring monthly charges, limits, and contract lengths.

With the popularity of PAYG mobile broadband services growing each month, there are some great deals and offers to be had from the main UK broadband providers.

T-Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile PAYG Mobile BroadbandT-Mobile Pay As You Go mobile broadband is available in their web’n'walk plus and web’n'walk max package. Both packages are great for mobile web surfing, with the max package geared towards a more heavy broadband users. T-Mobile PAYG broadband uses a USB modem connected to your laptop of desktop PC in order to access the mobile internet service.

O2 Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

O2 PAYG Mobile BroadbandO2 has quickly become one of the leading providers of mobile broadband in the UK. Popular amongst business users and consumers alike, O2 provide a wide range of mobile broadband services and packages designed to suit all customers.

Vodafone Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

Vodafone PAYG Mobile BroadbandVodafone currently offer the highest mobile download speeds of 7.2Mb, with plans to increase them to 14.4Mb in the near future. Vodafone's easy to use USB modem dongle allows users to access the internet from anywhere, at any time. Vodafone PAYG mobile broadband is great for business users, or users on the move.

3 Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

3 PAYG Mobile Broadband3 Mobile Broadband Lite is currently one of the cheapest mobile broadband packages on the market and is popular with infrequent users who just want to check email and browse the web. For heavy users or frequent users their Plus or Max mobile broadband packages might be a better choice.

Orange Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

Orange PAYG Mobile BroadbandOrange mobile broadband is a popular low end option for light or infrequent broadband users.Just like other PAYG mobile broadband providers, internet access is gained through a simple USB modem connection. Orange mobile broadband currently offer an unlimited service, although it is worth noting that the service is subject to their 'fair usage' policy of 3Gb per month for downloads.